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Dr. Wilturner believes this is the "last honest business". "Medical illness is an equal opportunity experience, and for the time being I am standing in the "wellness position" but I too get to be a patient and "know how it feels". 
Here's what some customer patients have said about their experience.

" This selfless doc saw me on short notice. That day I had tremors and upset stomach I couldn't get off work before 7 pm.  Most dos would have sent me to the ER for another long wait. Not this doctor. She stayed late, met me in the hospital lobby and escorted me to a private conference room to get my blood pressure, temperature and allowed me tell her about my illness.  I got a script and was on my way to being in less pain at work the next day.  -- CP ( Sunnyvale)

"" My elderly mom was getting progressively weaker and losing weight.  We called Dr. Wilturner on a Fri and she was there the next day, a Sat to see mom in the comfort of her own home."  -- A. O. (San Jose)

" Is this doctor this happy all the time? I like her.  She's fun. This is the first time I've seen a happy doctor."  --C.S. L. (Hayward)

" No, I'll wait for Dr. Wilturner. She listens and understands me and I always feel better with what she gives me."   --Melissa O. (Oakland)

"I feel better already and I haven't even filled my prescription."  --B. T. (San Leandro)

" God must have sent me to you, doc. You're just what I needed. I had called so many doctors' offices and no one had any appointments. I have finally gotten to see someone about my problem."  F. W. (Sunnyvale)

" I'll never forget the first visit when you spend so much time calling my insurance and my pharmacy to make sure I would get my medicine the same day." -- M. P.(Gilroy)

" You have given me my life back.  And I thank you."  -- D. M. (San Jose)

" I have never met a doctor like you before. So energetic, so kind and down to earth. I especially like that you call me to see how I am doing."-- N. R. (San Leandro)

Dr. Wilturner accepts your fee for service payment and assists you in billing your insurance for your reimbursement.

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